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CityRove Tours offers curated tours, activities, attractions, and events in cities in the US and abroad. Based in the NYC area, we provide access to exciting, compelling, and inclusive experiences for all. Whether you are a local exploring your own city from a different perspective, or an international visitor seeking to learn more about iconic and famous landmarks and attractions, we’ve got you covered! Moreover, we tend to include some perspectives often avoided by most tour companies and their guides.

CityRove hosts amazing experiences around the world and will connect you with like-minded people to share memories with. Our goal is to help you get the most out of the places you visit. On CityRove’s tours, we pride ourselves in offering a deeper view of the history and social significance of certain monuments and attractions, while still giving you the freedom and flexibility to personalize your experience, allowing you to explore according to your interest and at your own pace.

At CityRove Tours, we strive to please our guests with curated tours and activities, and with the engaging stories we tell about the history of places we visit, we also present seldom mentioned information, and hidden truths about some places . Our guided walking tours are open to all and are generally 90 minutes or more in duration. They are led by knowledgeable friendly tour facilitators and guides.

Your CityRove tours and experiences will be an investment you will be pleased with.



Hello! I’m Shaka Joseph, Founder and CEO of Green FireFly/CityRove Tours. A little about me – I love travel and by my last count, I have visited over 26 countries and numerous cities around the world. My favorite cities are Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam and Lagos in Portugal. I enjoy cooking and preparing most of my meals, I avoid sodas, fast foods and energy drinks. My favorite drinks are freshly made organic vegetable juices, Cognac and West Indian Rum Punch.

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